Pokemon Shiny Grey is a Pokémon fangame being made by EasternMoney128. It is currently in the planning stages.


151 All New Pokémon.

A new region, the Kuprys Region.

Team Shiny, a villainous group that wishes for all Pokémon to be shiny.

TM/HM List

List of PokémonEdit

000 Maderyntan

001 Sailnoh

002 Casbashira

003 Brefmor

004 Dioko

005 Ficrus

006 Radigon

007 Firange

008 Seaboy

009 Norfish

010 Fopdle

011 Doinine

012 Kitsile

013 Quadrifox

014 Yamivul

015 Tripir

016 Jorpata

017 Rais

018 Dunderasy

020 Disconna

021 Shadobe








Gym LeadersEdit

Vince: Normal

Jafar: Fighting

Leonardo: Flying

Niobe: Poison

Rhea: Ground

Rochelle: Rock

Becky: Bug

Drogo: Ghost

Elite 4 & ChampionEdit

NB: The first time you reach the League Headquarters, the Team Shiny Admins & Leader will be your Elite 4 & Champion. The ones listed here won't appear until the postgame.

Crystal: Ice

Ganbaatar: Steel

Polycarp: Fire

Shui: Water

George: Dragon

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