CA Shiny Leader Patrick

Patrick, Leader of Team Shiny

Team Shiny
is the evil team in Pokémon Shiny Grey. It first appeared in the Animal Crossing LP.


In the Animal Crossing LP, EasternMoney128 played a female character, which she named "symbol of a bag of Bells (Bell) symbol of a fish (Fish), symbol of an umbrella (Umbrella). In Episode Five, "Team Shiny", she revealed that Bell Fish Umbrella was a member of the titular team. Later, EasternMoney128 decided to make a fangame based on Team Shiny. To this end, after posting some low quality sprites on Facebook, she started posting images of the Fakemon involved.

What is Team Shiny?Edit

Team Shiny is an evil team dedicated to making all Pokémon shiny. To this end, they perform genetic experiments on Pokémon, while silencing all those who oppose them.


Leader (King)Edit


Admins (Queens/Bishops)Edit

Bell Fish Umbrella




Grunts (Knights)Edit

No grunts have names.

Scientists (Rooks)Edit


Aides (Pawns)Edit

No aides have names.

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